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HSTL Modular, a leader in providing new and used modular buildings and complexes, portable classrooms, and office trailers nationwide, has launched its Ministry Spaces program designed to help pastors, church staff, and volunteers handle the growing needs of their communities and better engage larger congregations, the company announced today.

The Ministry Spaces program offers affordable premium modular facilities along with in-house expertise to make them safe, secure, and attractive spaces where church members can meet, pray, and thrive together.


According to company founders Alex Planes and Tashi Simmons, HSTL Modular church buildings are purpose-built, inside and out, for community leadership and productivity.

Church modulars address a crucial challenge posed by population spikes in some areas, societies on the move in other areas, or the revitalization of Small Town America. Planes defined the problem: “How can you tend to more people if you don’t have enough space to host them all?”

Churches in earlier eras often thought the only solution was a costly construction process which would require either building an entirely new house of worship from the ground up or grafting new rooms or entire wings onto an existing building, Simmons explained. From start to finish, an on-site construction effort would take months or years to complete. Ironically, this would deprive assemblies of the space to collaborate when they needed it most.

“Today, churches have a better way, the modular way, to provide immediate benefits to members and their families,” Planes added. Modular facilities range in size from ample multi-unit complexes, to easy-to-install buildings the size of a portable classroom, to tiny mobile offices that can bring church community services to neighborhoods and events everywhere.

The HSTL Modular Ministry Spaces program offers free guidance on a wide range of facilities and the activities they support. Case studies and guides show how modulars can be configured as centers for early childhood development, primary and secondary religious education, youth life skills learning, leadership training, senior social activities, volunteerism, church project management, healthcare services, library research, tutoring, counseling, and outreach.

Facilities can also be readily installed as spaces to promote excellence in sports or the arts, or as venues where groups can hold special events and gatherings, or even as webcast and recording studios. For many pastors, a high-priority benefit is the ability to move old offices into new buildings in order to expand the size and functionality of important spaces within the main church building.

The HSTL Modular Ministry Spaces program resources and consultations are available to churches and their members at no charge. HSTL Modular facilities are offered at special non-profit prices for delivery, installation, and custom configuration anywhere in the country.